about Dr. May-Ropers



Dr. Christiane May-Ropers

It is with joy that I share my knowledge and experience of the inner unity of the human person, as well as the individual's interconnectedness with all beings and the cosmos we inhabit.


Mission Statement


I practice an holistic approach to healing that honours and promotes the connection of body, mind and spirit, while offering simple applications of recent scientific findings in ways that everybody can understand.


I am committed to promoting self-awareness and self-empowerment in ways that enable people to create their own reliable tools of healing.


I respect and incorporate as useful multiple approaches to healing in my practice and teaching. These include allopathic, homeopathic, and naturopathic medicine, as well as indigenous medicine and various healing techniques combined with the latest findings in the field of 'energy-medicine.


Most of all I desire to show people how they can help themselves in finding their true centre.